Weight Loss Hypnotherapy In Lethbridge

Tried to Lose weight and failed?

You keep starting the process over and over again and you never seem to get any further.  Hypnotherapy can help to adjust attitudes towards food and yourself.


Can’t seem to create a good plan and stick to it?

It seems like every time you start, you do great and then you start to run into issues with cravings and special events where everyone is eating and drinking (you do your best to hold back).  Eventually, you just end up giving in and joining in and having those things you know you shouldn’t.  When it comes to eating sweets and carbs we are actually programmed to eat more, crave more, once we have some.


What is the solution?

It really is all in your head and that is why weight loss hypnotherapy is the key to helping you

Hypnotherapy is the use of creative visualization or hypnosis in a therapeutic setting.  It is safe and very effective with many clients noticing a positive change after one session. Hypnosis is so effective because it allows the clients to access unconscious resources that aid in the healing process.  The unconscious or subconscious mind is the store house of all of our experiences so that is where we need to look to find the origin of conditions like anxiety, depression, low self esteem and addictive behaviours.  Through this process of therapy you can change you attitude towards certain foods and even increase your focus so you so your healthier future and continue to work towards it.

Hypnotherapy can also help you to in a number of other areas:

Many people on their weight loss journey have self esteem and craving issues.  There are a number of great hypnosis techniques which one can use to help with how they think and feel.

Imagine what you could achieve if you were not afraid to fail – Anonymous

Building up confidence and belief in ones self will go a long way to seeing how much you are worth a healthier life style

Manage cravings with tapping techniques, relaxation, self hypnosis and breathing.

Remove old beliefs regarding breads, pasta, and sweets (to name a few) which made you believe you need to have them to feel good.

Establish a better sense of what is good for you and not based on being able to listen to your inner voice (intuitive eating).

Learn to eat proper portion (stop eating before you are full).

A healthy mind and self belief is very important on any weight loss journey.  Once you have it you can begin or continue to pursue your healthy living goals.

One of the most effective ways to lose weight and maintain your muscle mass is with a ketogenic diet.

This is the approach which I (James) have taken.  In mid June 2017 I began my preparation to begin My Journey (#myjourney) which  in July 2017.  I took time to prepare for this as I needed to be able to set effective and achievable goals.  I highly recommend this as it gives you the chance to see all of the events coming up in which you may be tempted to stray or deviate from the path you have set forth.  This will be very important.  Being able to see yourself successfully attending events (weddings, parties, community events and such) and having a plan for success (like bringing your own special foods or making sure there is something there for you to eat) will increase your confidence and help you to create a lifestyle transition you can be proud of.

For more information on my healthy eating program and how you can get started please click here.


This may be just a small part of the help you need to make this positive change a reality.  There are many other ways in which hypnosis and hypnotherapy can help you.


Here is a short listing of the areas hypnotherapy can be used:
Stop smoking; weight loss; managing pain (chronic, phantom, migraine, cancer); anxiety and fear; depression; dentistry (managing pain and fear); nausea (child birth and chemotherapy); habit disorders (nail biting, hair pulling, picking, teeth grinding); childbirth (reduce pain and stress and reduce labour time); high blood pressure; digestive disorders (IBS and acid reflux); surgery (reduce stress and anxiety and improve recovery time); confidence and self esteem; success building for business (sometimes we are the greatest obstacle to our own success) ; ADD/ADHD; and sleep disorders.
Please note that a doctor’s referral may be required prior to beginning therapy.

James provides his therapy in private and confidential sessions as well group and motivational presentations.  Although he travels through out Western Canada for clients and presentations, he is based in Lethbridge, AB.

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