Due to the nature of therapy, confidentiality and privacy are so very important.  This page will give you an idea of the great variety of clients and challenges that I help them with.  Any of the referrals given are done with the client’s permission and their desire to share their success with others.

Feb 17, 2016 Hypnobirthing 

I came across James Castelli and his hypnotherapy services through a mutual friend. I grew to understand the power behind his work and with a solid belief system in positive thinking, cellular communication and learning about quantum touch I was intrigued to give it a go. My husband and I started out working with James prior to my pregnancy with our second baby. I felt that quantum touch was a welcome addition to balancing out my body and my mind which was really needed. When we found out we were expecting we chose to do some hypnotherapy sessions to get over a previously traumatic birth experience with our first daughter. These sessions proved very empowering for me, and I was given the essential tools to carry forward with solid preparation for my birth. Being “in the zone” I ended up having a 6 hour birth, all-natural with no interventions or medications. The combination of this training and having a Doula made this special time for us, exactly what we wanted it to be. I felt in complete control of how I handled all phases of labour thanks to the mindfulness, breathing and visualization techniques I learned through James. His recordings were especially helpful and I know they assisted me every step of the way, almost replaying in my mind while bringing our beautiful Brianna into this world! I’m outrageously grateful for James’ hypnotherapy sessions and for his ongoing friendship.

Erin V

Lethbridge, AB



Hypnosis for Healing and Surgery Prep

Always so nice to here back from clients on how well things are going – especially in this case as I was preparing a young couple for surgery (Benji donated over half of his liver to his wife Lisa) with a combination of hypnotherapy and energy work.

This is what the “Take Part of Me” Fundraiser was all about which I hosted back on Oct 2, 2015.  Printed here with permission.    Truly an amazing story of love and healing.

“I wanted to thank you for everything James! Surgery went exceptionally well the Drs say! Lisa didn’t need a blood transfusion and was out of ICU in less than 24 hours. Benji could likely be out this weekend. I’m certain that your therapy contributed. I’m very grateful!”
Dawn Davis​

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Hi James, I just wanted to write and THANK YOU for the sessions we had to help with my anxiety attacks. And yes, I did it!  I spent the last 2 weeks snorkelling in the Pacific Ocean (which I thought I would never be able do again). I was apprehensive and nervous when I placed the mask and snorkel on my face, but I remembered everything you had said to me and began to visualize the open space around me. I had a fantastic time swimming with the sea turtles and all the glorious, colourful fish in the ocean. I now feel that I am in control of my anxiety and that feels great.
I will continue to listen to the cd, which really helps me relax and helps me sleep soundly at night.
So again, thank you so much
Debbie Whittle
Lethbridge, AB
P.S. You have my permission to publish the contents of this email on your website if it helps.



I have personally used JR hypnotherapy on a couple of occasions to help me with Anxiety.
James was very professional in handling and working with my concerns. I was very nervous and apprehensive.  After one visit I was able to focus more on relaxing and dealing with my issues. I would definitely recommend using JR hypnotherapy to anyone who has any anxiety issues.

Lou  B. Lethbridge, AB



I have tried to quit smoking many times before with the same outcome, I started again.  I went to see James for his quit smoking program and it’s amazing.  The difference between all other times and this time is the feeling of not only not needing a smoke, but also not wanting one.  It’s a really good feeling.

Tessa N. Coaldale, AB



Dear James,
I just wanted to send this little note to thank you for your great work with me.  My husband and I have just returned from skating, so it seems an appropriate time to write you!  Wayne and I plan to take our great-nieces and our 6-year-old neighbour to family skating every week-end for the rest of the season.
I have given several injections to very anxious patients, and have had absolutely no problems.  We even joked a little during the injections!  This has changed my life and taken a great weight from my shoulders. 
I continue to listen to your tapes daily.  They have not only helped me with giving injections,but also have far-reaching effects in many aspects of my life.
I thank you from the bottom of my heart.
I hope that you had a great Christmas, and may you have a very bright and beautiful New Year.
Joyfully yours,
Olivia Z


From Janet B Mother of Client (M)

(M) had an amazing session at parkour last night.  I missed the first part of the class but another mom came up and asked who was my son.  I pointed to (M) and she said he’s having a really good class.   He asked me to tape him with my iphone so I did.  Then when we got home he was reviewing the stuff I taped and he was so proud that he was finally able to do a “kong” move whereas prior weeks he couldn’t do it.  I looked at him and said “HYPNOTIST”.   He looked at me and said “You’re right!”  So victory on that half.  If we can get him through to getting a needle someday, that would be like winning the war!

Janet B, Lethbridge

***therapy is ongoing so there is no doubt in my mind that the fear of needles will be brought under control in the very near future



What you can expect, in general, based on what my clients have shared with my about their therapy.

Help with quitting smoking:

This is one of my busiest areas of treatment.  I have clients who come to me concerned if that they can even be hypnotized and then I show them how easily they can make it happen.  In this multi-session treatment (which is guaranteed for a full year) the clients learn self hypnosis techniques that help them to manage any cravings they may have.  They also get healthy replacement behaviours – things they do instead of smoking.  Many clients quit after their first sessions and use the special techniques that I have shown them to manage any cravings…others cut down dramatically and then as learn to implement the techniques they become smoke free over the next few days following their initial session.

Some clients say that it wasn’t as bad as they thought while others say the first few days were the hardest and it just got easier after that.  Many clients have stated that they thought the first 24 hours was hard but after a week they said that it was not that bad and well worth it.


Help with test anxiety:

clients range in age from 12 to over 60 and find that after their initial session they sleep better, are more organized and more confident when doing school work and tests.


Help with fear of needles and Dentist:

With many of these clients the most noticeable change was their anxiety level and how much more comfortable they felt in the Dentist chair.  One client was so anxious that I was asked to attend their next appointment where I guided the client into hypnosis which allowed for their appointment to be successfully completed.


Help with general anxiety:

This is another area that I am doing a lot of work in and am finding amazing results.  98% of my clients find that the feel better after the first session, and in one case, my client had gone through hundreds of counselling sessions and still had severe anxiety.  In one session with me the client experienced a full release from anxiety and thus a better quality of life.


Help with sports confidence:

I have clients ranging in age from 8 years old to well in their 50’s.  From golfers to hockey players to barrel racers they have all benefited from increased focus and confidence and were able to create more moments of flow where they were truly in the moment of what they were doing; free from distractions and negative thoughts.


These are just a few general examples of how hypnotherapy is helping so many, in such a great age range, to become better, healthier and have a higher quality of life.

If you want and are ready for help in healing and recovering, I can help you too!

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