Hypnotherapy Lethbridge, Southern Alberta and BC

Hypnotherapy is the use of creative visualization or hypnosis in a therapeutic setting.  It is safe and very effective with many clients noticing a positive change after one session. Hypnosis is so effective because it allows the clients to access unconscious resources that aid in the healing process.  The unconscious or subconscious mind is the store house of all of our experiences so that is where we need to look to find the origin of conditions like anxiety, depression, low self esteem and addictive behaviours.

JR Hypnotherapy is owned and operated by James R M Castelli, B.A., CHt. Here is a short listing of the areas in which James is using hypnotherapy to help his clients make positive change happen: stop smoking; weight loss; managing pain (chronic, phantom, migraine, cancer); anxiety and fear; depression; dentistry (managing pain and fear); nausea (child birth and chemotherapy); habit disorders (nail biting, hair pulling, picking, teeth grinding); childbirth (reduce pain and stress and reduce labour time); high blood pressure; digestive disorders (IBS and acid reflux); surgery (reduce stress and anxiety and improve recovery time); confidence and self esteem; success building for business (sometimes we are the greatest obstacle to our own success) ; ADD/ADHD; and sleep disorders.  Please note that a doctor’s referral may be required prior to beginning therapy.

James provides his therapy in private and confidential sessions as well group and motivational presentations.  Although he travels through out Western Canada for clients and presentation, his home base is located in Lethbridge, AB,

Clients are seen by appointment in private and confidential sessions or in small groups at the request of the client.  The office of JR Hypnotherapy seats three comfortable and the conference room seats up to twenty.  Group seminars are held frequently and offer participants the chance to learn about hypnosis and how it can help them to heal and make positive changes in their lives.  Please call or text 403-382-7644 (toll free 1-866-381-0557) for information on services and appointments.  You can also email james@powerhypnotist.com.

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Contact JR Hypnotherapy in Lethbridge at 403-382-7644 or 1-866-381-0557.  You can also email james@jrhypnotherapy.com


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