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Welcome To PowerHypnotist.com


PowerHypnotist.com is your one-stop resource for inspiration, presentations, and support for positive life changes.  Click on the links below to find the information you are looking for.   You can also email james@powerhypnotist.com


Welcome 2018 and the season on New years Resolutions.  Find the support and resources you need to make your resolutions become a reality.

Your ready to shed some weight and feel great?  Get help with your weight loss confidence and focus (and maybe managing cravings) with therapy and audio programs here.

For weight loss coaching to assist you in your transformation (empowering dietary information and food) please check out the great people at Ideal Fresh Life Weight Loss Centre.


Are you ready to break free and STOP SMOKING?  Help is just a click away.


Become the confident person you know you are meant to be.  Unlock your potential! Details here.

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James Castelli is an Empowerment Strategist, Motivational Speaker, NLP practitioner as well as clinical hypnotherapist.  He uses a multi-modal approach to helping clients achieve success in their therapy.  James has recently added Quantum Touch energy healing to list of therapy modalities.  Both local and distance energy work has been offered as of January 25, 2015.



Proudly serving Lethbridge and area (Coaldale, Taber, Pincher Creek, Crowsnest Pass, Cardston and Milk River) for over 10 years and now from an office in downtown Lethbridge.

Hypnotherapy is a safe and effective form of therapy. It uses the focused mind state of Hypnosis. Each and everyday we experience this mental state when we drift off to sleep and suddenly twitch.  We have all experienced this… just about to drift off and then maybe you are dreaming or thinking of something or watching television and the next thing you know your leg or arms move as if you were really doing what you were thinking about.  This is how normal hypnosis is.

When coming for a session, most clients are amazed at how interesting the experience is… most don’t really know what to expect and some are very nervous and some are very excited about being hypnotized for what they believe to be the first time.  Most are surprised that they are so aware and that they feel so present in the therapy.  This is all due to the state of hypnosis being that of narrowed focus and heightened awareness.

This therapy can be used to help people change bad habits like smoking and nail biting and negative  and unproductive thoughts that lead to low self esteem, anxiety and depression.  By releasing negative thoughts and beliefs the hypnotherapist can then give the client new and positive beliefs that will help the client.  As long as those beliefs are consistent with what the client wants and is prepared for then positive change will take place.   This is the case when it comes to quitting smoking.  Unless you are ready to lead a smoke free life both consciously and unconsciously then you won’t be successful at making this healthy change happen.  However, once you are ready then this therapy can be very effective even after one session (follow ups are always recommended to ensure success).  You may not even have any cravings or withdrawal symptoms.   As one client states:

  I have smoked for over 30 years  and heard of James  from the Dentist office and how his techniques help their

Hypnosis can also be used to increase sports performance.  Once the athlete develops the proper muscle memory needed to perform and compete then it just comes down to the mental aspect of it.  How often do we here about people training and training and then come up short on race or game day.  When asked about it they say, “I just couldn’t focus with all those people watching” or, “The other team was just stronger; we didn’t play well.”  The real answer may be as simple as the athlete simply not believing in themselves enough to make the performance the best it could be.  Hypnotherapy will help the athlete to remove negative thoughts and promote positive thoughts about themselves and what they can do.  Richard Nongard has a great video on sports hypnosis (hypnotherapy) and its use by athletes, just click here to view it.

Contact James in Lethbridge and Southern Alberta at 403-382-7644 or 1-866-381-0557.  You can also email james@powerhypnotist.com


17 Replies to “Welcome To PowerHypnotist.com!”

    1. Hi, I do not direct bill (accept insurance) however, your insurance provider may cover your therapy sessions. Many providers have private health spending accounts that cover all or part of your hypnotherapy costs.

      Please consult your health benefits provider. If I can be of further help then email or call me.

      Thank you,


    1. Yes hypnosis is very effective for weight loss especially in cases where emotional eating and lack of healthy lifestyle focus are the challenges. Hypnosis can help to create a more positive focus and to remove issues surrounding emotional eating. How different would your life be if simple believed that a healthier lifestyle was a natural and everyday way of living; instead of thinking about what to eat and when to workout you made a plan and followed it because that is how you lived life.

  1. im looking for help for my husband to stop smoking, he says he wants to stop but I’m not sure he does will hypnosis still be able to help him even tho he has no will power?

    1. Hi Lisa, I can teach him strategies for managing cravings and replacing his habit with more positive/ healthy and productive ones. A consultation for quitting can be done for $50 and if he is ready to proceed then he can pay the remaining $250.00 for my guarranteed stop smoking program. You can contact me at 403-382-7644 to set up an appointment. Thank you,

    1. Yes it is, especially in cases where eating disorders are concerned. Hypnotherapy can help the client to release or resolve emotional issues surrounding food and eating habits.

    1. Yes I do Kristin (the main type of therapy that I use is regression therapy), but before beginning any therapy for this I would assess the risks and benefits of recovering blocked memories. Please call me at 403-382-7644 and we can discuss this in detail.

    1. Hi Larissa, I do help people with multiple issues in one session. For example, a person who wants to quit smoking and has anxiety will have to have both addressed in order to be successful in quitting smoking.

    1. Hi, apologies for the delay in response. Hypnosis is very effective for resolving issues surrounding anxiety and claustrophobia. Most of my clients notice a difference in how they feel after one session. A few follow up sessions are recommended to ensure a successful release of the anxiety.

      Please contact me at 403-382-7644 directly if you wish. I look forward to answering any questions you have.



    1. Learning self-hypnosis and mindfulness are effective tools for reducing stress and focusing thoughts to be able to drift off to sleep. While it may take time to learn the techniques and gain the focus needed to relax, all aspects of your life and your health can be improved by using meditation and self-hypnosis on a daily basis.

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